Saturday, December 29, 2012

OMG have I been busy?!!

Hello all dearies out there!!
I realize I haven't updated here in ages - I had totally forgotten :-o Yeah, go figure but at the same time - very nice to see that I've lived quite intensely this Christmas...!

My dearly loved firstborn son came here together with his dear sweet girlfriend and even if they only stayed almost two days it filled my heart all the way up, with love <3
When they're here I feel I can take on the world and whatever the world throws my way.
When I see that my son is grown, happy, harmonic and kind (and loved!) I know that every effort was worth making and every tear worth crying.
I may have done a thousand things the wrong way during some 18 years of horror but some huge important things, I got right.
Yes, it is healing spending time with him.

Now the firstborn and his sweetheart have gone home and left in an empty home are we: the small nuclear family!
We've been carpe dieming and then I took ill in a cold. So, staying in bed reading, watching movies and some writ in, was on the menu. All good.

Upcoming are some trips to un-near and dear ones. I do hope to get better by the minute, from now on!!


Today it's my b-day!!!!
I post this now and will return with photos after New Year's!!!!
Nothing but love to you <3

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