Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second advent

These are the special times!

I might as well come out and say it immediately: I'm ecstatic 'cuz I just got word that my firstborn and his girl are coming here this Christmas. This is the best news I could get and the only gift I need for x-mas.

Winter sure came with a BAM! 

Looks and feels fab, even if it is coooold...! 

Lovely getting to go out with The Boy for a Saturday outing, just like that. 

Loving his precious company so so much, knowing how fast he'll grow into a man. 

Ystad can hold its own in snow too :-) 

I'm so lucky. I know it. 

The Boy asked me to get this shot! 

Such beauty. 

I guess it's age, really, that makes me think so much about how fast a life starts, grows and finally passes on.
It is all about grabbing life by the b*lls and hanging on for dear life!

Yeah! 'Tis indeed 'bout that time :-D 

I've always loved snow and winter, so of course I'm loving it right now!! 

A little soccer with ice. Anyone?! 

Everything shall wither and die. Never more beautiful than right before though.

More soccer. Regular this time, with a leather ball... 

The Boy LOVES his x-mas ornaments, just as his mama does...! 

Time to start spreading "the gang" as The Boy called them lol :-) 

So happy that he's jumping by the table!! 

Lucia bun baking going on! 

Busy times <3 

Snow kept falling, flying and sticking to the walls... 

While the buns are in the oven, the hubster visits iPhonesia...

... and The Boy iPadesia :-) 

And it's a wrap!! Darn good ones, darn good!

Monday's coming up. Have a great one, all my dear friends out there!
My upcoming week is hectic but there will be evenings, lit candles and cosiness. I will continue going all in in this fantastic winter and Christmas, knowing it's one for the books.

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