Sunday, December 2, 2012

1:st Advent

December first came Saturday and with it the advent calendar on TV that The Boy had been waiting for, for so long. Unfortunately the minute after the TV-session was over and The Boy was about to open his chocolate calendar - he came down with stomach flu .... Poor thing. So no chocolate for The Boy. Yet!

Today advent first, arrived and right in between these two glorious occasions snow came with all its glory and glam :-)
Hence, we're jumping, singing and smiling all over the place in this house since we're huge snow lovers!

 Saturday evening and snow started falling...

Oh, the joy!!

Sunday, advent, woke us to this gorgeous sight. 

I'm guessing I oughtn't bike to the train tomorrow..?! 

My poor babies. 

Total cosiness! 

Out for a photo walk!

It was irresistible and no way one could possibly be in a foul mood :-) Lovely, wonderful! 

So much fun and so many interesting scents everywhere!! 

Running wild and almost free ;-) 

We were definately walking in a winter wonderland! 

Look at them poor legs :-( My sweet dog did not like the ice clumps that kept forming on his  legs. 

We're headed toward Christmas at an unstopable speed and I, for one, love that it shows!

Almost Disney-looking!

Oh, the ice clumps again... 

In too deep... :-) 

Jumping in the cutest fashion, to make it through the deep snow!! 

Home, sweet home <3 

I've now brought them inside to spend the winter in the laundry room. 

I had to give this sweetheart a luke warm shower, in order to be rid of the snow balls... 

Hubs felt compelled to clear the entrance path.

And somehow: here we are. In the middle of the very first advent Sunday this year and with a steady pace headed towards that very Christmas Eve. We're on a very tight budget this year and have decided not to buy anything new: no new ornaments or baubles and even make do with that plastic tree we had to get last year! Making do feels OK, it's good for the environment as well as the wallet and that is all good.
My heart is so warm and I feel all lit up inside most of the time, so I'm having good days. 
Could have something to do with the fact that my oldest son is successful at work and over all happy and the fact that my husband seems a lot happier than he has in a long time and the small boy is always happy-go-lucky and of course now too :-) <3

We're doing OK here in our tiny house in the middle of winter.
Enjoy the upcoming week, dear friends and family!

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