Sunday, February 3, 2013


Forever winter?
We have good days, these days and are so used to winter being here, I think we all think it's forever.
But then again, that's what we seem to think during summer also, so things are pretty much as they always are, hence!

Yesterday the huge event of the song contest started in our country. During five-six weeks there are weekly contests and after all the competing there will eventually be one winner - that will represent our country in the grand European Song Contest in May.
The Boy and I were very much charged for the first competition and had a wonderful evening together. We had shrimp, soda and sweets and we had great moods to go with it. An evening to remember.

Usual programming going on!

I redecorated some a week ago. I'm pleased with it! Now the whole room is "one" function: lounge.

I simply dragged the sofas out, the outdoor lounge chairs in and switched to tables that allowed different positions.

Saturday The Boy and I made a call to the big son: Mr Fantastic and that is always a treat! Getting to talk to him is a big deal and both of us feel the magic of the moment and treasure it. I got a huge laugh and laughing with him is especially good, since the laugh starts in the heart and moves from there.

I'm so lucky to have been allowed to have two such wonderful boys, I can't believe it! They're my everything. Two positive, happy blokes who are kind, smart and beautiful. I'm one lucky mama.

I have been wanting to try to make the famous "poached eggs" my entire life. Last weekend I finally tried it and it was even more fun than I had imagined!

Make no mistake - it is tricky!

Tasted lovely <3

Are you all tired, like all the time? I am and I'll be darned if I know why?! I sleep and sleep but it doesn't seem to do the trick, for some reason. I keep feeling I need a vaca every day almost and it's not like me. Maybe it's just age?

Chilling and resting.

Needing the rest and the peace.

Sweetness of a Saturday <3

Stretching for real :-)

So: winter seems endless, I'm tired and summer's far away.
Still..... there is hope! We watch "Lord of the rings" (The Boy and I), hubs and I have wine sometimes, we excersice and our lives are pretty OK!!
And maybe, maybe spring is on its way soon?! I have a gut feeling....

A new week arises. Have fun! Take care!
Love, A.


  1. I swear you are inside my head - tired, yes - endless winter, yes! Your home looks so inviting, I want to come for a visit! ;)

  2. Vilka underbara bilder!!!:) Så fint vardagsrum, det ser klippt och skuret ut ur en inredningstidning ju!

    Kraam Izabell