Sunday, February 24, 2013

So many questions and thoughts...

Questions and (no) answers
I've been feeling a little blue and it started while I was under cover with the flu.
I don't really know what caused me to feel blue and I have snapped out of most of it but not all of it.
Is it winter never ending? (don't think so) or a phase in life? I don't have the answers.

If my 40 years-crisis started out a couple of years before 40 with wondering if I was too old for some things maybe it then turned into a sadness over time passed, time gone?
I've lived the first 42 years of my life and I contemplate a lot over them, how they were and why.
Childhood, youth, adulthood and my firstborn's life and the start of hubs's and my marriage and then moving away living in the south, it all needs to get its attention and it does!

Winter is all around.

Still I know it - it lurks....!

Little miss sunshine was very welcome when she paid us a visit!

Blue sky.

Starting to get well from the flu, I took the dog out for a sunny walk. The sky was blue and the sun was nothing short of gorgeous! We socialized with each other and really enjoyed each other's sweet company. 
Mr Funkie is particularly wonderful to spend time with, with his blooming personality that is happiness in the purest form!

Little did I realize that the snowman up there would scare my dear friend...

I got to feel happiness, in all of my blue gloominess!!

Lovely view up there.

Sweet miss ocean promised a summer coming up!

Mr Funkie discovered The Snowman.....

No! He would not get near it, at all!!!

Look at that scary thing?!?!!

This is as close as he got. He would not get near <3

The sun knows what she's doing!

There's nothing that sunshine won't make gorgeous just by touching it.

Communication is important, we always hear that. I have gotten good at it and I opened my mouth and told my husband that I need to get out of the house, need to go somewhere that I want to go, not only and ever where others want. 
My husband studies now, two full time educations at once, so we never get together since he always studies. But now I needed to go with him for coffee at one of my favourite places and I also needed to visit the beach. 
So I told him and I meant it and he got it!

Going for coffee here. Opted to have it indoors though...!

I managed to get a laugh or two also!

It was good for the soul, which is what I wanted and needed.

Easy on the eyes!

And there I am right now. I don't know why I'm a little blue, it's very out of character for me. At the same time analyzing life and time is essential in order to move forward in a intelligent way, in a balanced way and with brain and heart together. I hope I'll find more of my usual joyful happy-go-lucky ways but in the meantime this thoughtful and toned down version of me will have to do.

A new week is soon coming up. 
Let's make it kind and let's take time to think, to stay in the emotions and find the source. Let's also laugh - for it feels so good!

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