Friday, March 1, 2013

The ocean always delivers!

Last weekend we spent a good part of Saturday at the beach. I had felt for so long that I needed to go there, so we upped and went!
The ocean always delivers!

Exciting to see if we were to be swept off our feet, bathing...

That mildly wrinkled face tells no lies - I LOVED finally going to the beach <3

The pure sight of.... this.... was all I needed to feel grand.

Candy for the soul.

Snapped out
I snapped out of my blueness this week. I still don't know why I felt blue but I do know I snapped out! I think it was the process of digging a lot into my past, writing two novels about it, and analyzing it that got to me in the end. After having been blue for over a week, having the flu also, I got back to work, wrote some more on the novels and suddenly felt I had taken a leap in the writing process and I guess that goes for the inner process too?!

Happy-go-lucky to a new level, hence!

To think she'll be snug and warm in five months!

Gotta love that man.

Hmmm, "Anna the..." what? I guess we'll never know now?

I long to dive in!

I was busy shooting pics and didn't notice the waves coming...

Talked to my firstborn
Today I had the day off and I got to start up my Friday by talking to my firstborn son. My hero. I think we talked for over an hour and if E V E R there was something I needed and would make me un-blue that was it! I felt I could fly out of the window and that it was my heart that developed wings to let me fly away up in seventh heaven :-)
He's not far away, after all, when we can have such grand conversations over the phone.
Love, love, love him, that miracle of a boy of mine!

Looks like summer!

Holding hands, feeling grateful.

Fabulous spring is HERE!!
It's March 1:st today and spring arrived with this gorgeous spring month! Folks had lunch outside downtown, I noticed two flies inside our house and I took up outside jogging again. In pure strong sunshine. Flowers showed in the ground and I don't mind telling you that experiencing all that after an hour on the phone with my son made me pretty much ecstatic. All set. Content. Satisfied.

Today I'm grateful for:

-My wonderful sons
-My lovely dog
-My precious husband 
-Our cute little house
-That I'm well enough to enjoy all of the above

Weekend's here! Please do enjoy it. Take care. Nothing but love for you <3

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  1. Oh I love the beach...rain, hail or shine! And I love walking on the beach when it is freezing, no one else around, lovely.
    Although your snow and sand images are funny, that is something that I have never experienced! Our Winters here on the south east coast of Australia doesn't get that cold!
    It would still be beautiful to see though....
    Have a lovely weekend x