Sunday, March 17, 2013

Almost.... but not quite!

I was loading up for a true spring update.
Goes to show you shouldn't hurry things just like that.
Mrs Winter will leave when she's good and ready :-)

Not now, hence!

Gorgeous sunsets are back!

I was going to write about "the very last snow"...

.... and about how the strong winds/storms was all that was left of harsh wintry weathers....

... and then all of THIS showed!

What the ... ???!

Another hand of winter was dealt and it went all in, as winter very well should, in order to get to be called winter. It's cold out there and lots of snow.

But the sun is here and it is a little bit warm!

The first cup of coffee outside is always very special and very longed for.

A very nice moment for the whole family. Almost!

Coffee in the sun, mmmm nothing like it <3

A Saturday cake!

We had to dig out this old guy again....

The wind is so strong, almost stormy almost daily so the lanterns are parked here.

Nature is, as well as I am, waiting to exhale now. I had my blue week and then I got back into business again. I'm back at eating well and exercising at least three times a week and jogging is back in my schedule in spite of the new snow. It feels great! 
After jogging I feel like I want to hug the whole world and that, my friends, is a great feeling!! 

I'm moving towards a good spring and only days remain before it's here.... We shall all prevail.

The Sunday dog walk was very enjoyable and beautiful.

I think I'll manage one more update before spring arrives. What do you think? I guess that in two weeks - for sure within three - spring will show!
Have a grand new week, all lovelies out there :-)

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