Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome Mrs Spring!

Oh, yes she's a'knockin'!!
Spring is definately in the air here, even if she hesitates. The birds, the buds and kids playing outside again are all tell tale signs.

My kid, however, mostly prefers playing inside...

Only tiny splashes of snow left.

Divine. If you ask me!

A first: an open window and that sun shade used :-)

My boy: knives, bread and.... a marker pen?!! What a Saturday breakfast eh?

The beggar.

Be still, my pounding heart!

Be still (see the stuff in his mustache?!).

New summery and Maimi-ery purchases..!

Yeah baby, I'm in love!

Last weekend I chilled and took time to just surf blogs! 
Don't remember when that happened last!

To be able to be outside without freezing.

That is some good sh*t!!!


Some Instagrams for you:

Yes, I finally ate one before it was too late!

The county just took the playground away! Go figure. 
A big do-not-like on that one.

Saturday mornings are all good.

The first fly does make spring!

It is very bright and early. I got up at 5 AM and now I'll leave for a 12 hour work day.
Have a wonderful day and special last part of the week.

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  1. Vilken skön blogg du har:) Undrar om du har bloglovin att följa med?

    Om du gillar inredning kan du kolla in min blogg:)

    Ha en härlig helg med vårsol

    LOVE Maria från