Monday, April 1, 2013

Let it snow!

Oh, yeah, it sure keeps snowing. Every darn day!
We're almost getting blasé about it and do not wait impatiently for spring any longer.

My bodyguard sticks to my side <3

As you see we got another round!

At least everything looks good in white ;-)

One good thing about the never ending winter is that it totally allows for me to stay in and watch Bond!

Writing this blog post it doesn't quite look like this any longer - spring was mild and sunny. 
Thank goodness!

Last weekend we made a trip...

More on that subject in my next post. 

I can only lay my hands on the computer for a very short while, o I'll get going now.
Yes, we still have snow and yes, we had a great restful (I did anyway!) Easter and: yes, photos on that will appear. 
I have no clue when, though....

The new week is a little shorter, starting with a Tuesday. 
Enjoy it, sweethearts reading this and beware spring might be around the corner ...!

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