Sunday, April 21, 2013

The shift has come!

The shift has come: we've gone from winter to spring!
It has finally happened and it feels like a whirlwind inside of me. It chills, thrills, chuckles and rejoices - I feel so happy and so anticipating!
My mind vanders towards BBQs, beach visits, flowers, evenings outside and over all happy times!

While it was still too wintry to be spring, last weekend, we'd bake...

Hello gorgeouses! Welcome :-)

This grass may be in the wrong place and not all that attractive... 
But it's green and growing and I like that!

I think this is an early stage for the Rhubarb!! Looks like art or aliens or something!

The weekend was marvelous! Friday evening The Boy was at a sleepover so hubs and I had a date night. We jumped on our bikes and headed out for a restaurant evening. Biking home we stopped to take some pics and just enjoy this coastal gem that we live in. We'd look at the monastery, see the sleeping ducks (I managed to wake them up though...) and even put into words what a magical evening it was and how lucky we are.
It was actually a perfect date, there is such a thing you know :-)

Saturday meant seeing dear friends for coffee at a favourite place and get to have good conversations, hugs and a few laughs. Heart warming. BBQ in the evening made even Saturday perfect.

Yes, it keeps on like that!
Sunday was sunny wit coffee outside, gardening, chilling with Mr Funkie and just relaxing in general. For me, the others did their things. I feel lucky and pleased right about now. 

Spring sign: The Boy got spring shoes!

Spring sign: Pansies.

Spring sign: trampoline bliss!

Raw happiness.

Off you go - warm sweater!!


This mama looked straight at me :-)

Then she took off!

Finally BBQ times are here!!!

A moment in time.

A worthy ending to the week, I'd say.

... and some Instagrams for you:

A Friday date to remember!


The ghosts of the monastery...


A great Saturday!!

A dog's life ;-)

Soon there will be little bird babies!

I had to stay away from here for an entire week due to back ache. Sunday I went back!
*high five*

So, the new week is awaiting us now. What will it bring? Surprises? For-sures? Probably some sun, probably some fun.
I'm intrigued and excited! May it be good to us all <3

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