Thursday, April 4, 2013

The trip we took was to our old hometown, were my firstborn lives and thrives!
There was a birthday party for my husband's grandmother who aged 100 years, coming up on Sunday but Saturday noon 'til Sunday noon The Boy was promised to spend at his big bro's place!
So he did.
I got to spend a few more-than-precious hours there to while hubs installed him and me gently at the Elite Plaza Hotel.
Oh, yeah baby, if you gotta travel, do it in style ;-D

Here you see it: my life! <3

Oh but there's nothing I love more. Nothing even comes close.

Their sweet cat Freddie likes sleeping on top of chocolates..!

Oh yeah, baby!!

He loves going there <3

And he loves having him for a guest <3 bless his heart.

While my precious boys spent 24 hours together, hubs and I enjoyed the city and spent the evening dining at dear friend's place.
All was good and we had a blast. Precious and needed time together when all my husband does these days is studying, almost 24/7....

An Elite Plaza floor...

We had a great time time and even a concierge helping us with the luggage!!

Coffee and cake for two <3

Wanting spring, as much in that city as we do in our small coastal town.


Gorgeous day!

Folks casting long shadows.

And the infatuated youngsters ;-)

Sun setting. Time to visit our old and dear friends.

The weekend is shortly to arrive, dear friends!
Let's take it in and use it as it should be used. Maybe spring will show? Maybe she won't??

Enjoy the weekend, never the less, and take care of each other - all we need is love!

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