Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parents-in-law visiting!

My parents-in-law came for a visit and we decided to show them our favorite parts of town!
Even if it had stopped snowing (and hailing!) there was still snow laying about here and there...

When most of us actually dared believe that long overdue spring might have come - 
hail decided to show...!!

Cute? Yeah!
Welcome? H*ll no!!

Well, snow or not and hail or not - we had a wonderful day together and we sure felt alive having the cold strong wind biting our faces and trying to snatch our hats! It was yet another moment to cherish, because it will help us all appreciate summer temperature that much more during summertime ... 

Forcing our way up to Ale's stones.

A good thing one can rest along the way. And take the chance to admire the view!

Happy hubs surrounded by mother and son!

The ocean was glimmering as well as on any splendid day in July.

Hubs telling the tale of Ale's stones, that is somewhat similar to Stonehenge's story.

Walking backwards is a very fine idea in that kind of storm...

The long steep walk has come to an end.

Mother and son, enjoying a soft warm spring day in April...???! ;-)

There's the ME! Apparently having a repellant effect on the hubster...?!!
You see that I'm experienced by now? I dress accordingly.

The pup!

This time of year there aren't loads of tourists around the stones and they do very well in pics!

Whoops, he nearly lost his hat!

Coffee after. Mandatory!!

The so adorable little coastal village!

Off to our town, the parents-in-law behind us in the car.

There it is: my all time favourite place in our town: 
the old monastery from the 1300 century.

The rose garden.

Our garden!

So, the month of April did not turn out as folks in this part of the world had expected. It is colder, snowier, more stormy and un-bud:y to an extent. Some people try to force spring (I've been one of those!) by dressing up in spring attire and others chill and keep wearing their winter gear.
You sure need hat, gloves and scarf and you actually miss all those tiny buds of April.


The birds twerp, talk and sing.
The kids all of a sudden step outside to play again.
Neighbours start hanging out in their gardens to talk and laugh.
Our deck is snow free!

So there's hope of life!

Weekend is coming up, folks! Can you believe it?
Par-tey like it's 1999!!!
I will :-)

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