Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jiggy times!

Writing this, it's Sunday after a totally amazing and wonderful Saturday. I went on a long walk with my youngest son and the dog, I went jogging making record time, I cooked a tasty dinner and The Boy baked cookies for dessert.
And I got to Skype with my firstborn (got to shed mandatory tears after, since it was like actually seeing him IRL!).
As you can very well hear, it was a perfect Saturday.

Now I'm off to work: Sunday duty today.

Mrs Sunshine starts to make an appearance more often nowadays.

Melting both ice and chilled hearts....

Writing this, all the snow is gone but last week I'd eagerly look outside each evening after work to see how much was left/gone since yesterday!

Yes, you know it - these little mamas are starting to make some noises..!

These mamas!!

It all comes back to me, the restless young ones eager longing to step outside more often, looking for friends in the neighborhood. The days are so long now, that The Boy thought it was early afternoon when it was high time for dinner. It keeps being like that: the opportunities seem endless and ample.

Coffee outside with this one <3

It all makes for splendid time, really!

I dared him to jump.



Nice in the sun.

The breaking poing. We've passed it now :-)

Still the best lounge area is this one. Hopefully the deck will replace shortly!

We're ready for spring to fly in.

It is a precious time exactly right now with scent of spring everywhere, shy rays of sun and a whole bunch of birds flying around, singing and talking to each other. Nature wakes up, that's evident and makes your inside wake up also. I find myself carrying a huge grin most of the time!
I love it!!

The new week is here soon, darn it how they all fly by....
Enjoy the new week, my friends. Let it embrace you with all its sweetness, it's everywhere if you look hard enough ;-) 

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