Thursday, April 11, 2013

... "and now, the end is near..."

Easter was nice!
Easter was nice. Cold, but nice.

And I dare say that the end is near: spring IS on its way even though it's waiting and hesitating more than ever before.

Having to search for the Easter egg inside, this year.

Finding it!

The dog was very interested...

The Easter egg is such a highlight for him. Funny actually!!

The hubster studies all the time and by that I mean like 18-19 hours a day. I wouldn't carry Easter all by myself, since I felt I needed to rest. So, we went to a favourite place for Easter lunch, in a green house that was snug and warm, together and that was perfect!

An Easter celebration that was just right for us.

The plant place just opened up for the season, during Easter. Usually they have cultivated loads of plants by then and sell a whole lot. Not this year...

Herb yard.

The sun showed for a little while, so the green house was very hot and we'd sweat!!

My lunch.


Precious moments together <3

Where my heart and soul gets its share.

Precious boy.

And there it is: the big realization that time is the only thing we have and the only thing we really must handle with the utmost care and thoughtfulness. What we make of our days is what IS our lives.
We can waste time or treasure it.

That is worthy of remembering and thinking about a lot. Because time flies. It surely does.

The Boy likes cats!

And is keen to socialize with them.

Keen to run for the parking lot also..!

Thursday is here and then the weekend lures and calls for our attention. The weekend is a splendid time to care for each other and just be together.

Happy Thursday and have a fab weekend!

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