Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring lurking...?!

Gut feeling!
Yes, the gut feeling I talked about in the last blog post came from two things: birds and more birds!
First the seagulls made quite a comeback and there's no denying that that is a solid sign that things are in motion. Even though more freezing days have come after, there's a different tune to the pipe.
Then today (Sunday, writing this) all kinds of spring birds were at it, singing their little hearts out in every tree and bush that The Boy and I passed bicycling in our town!

You can't really see it here but things are in motion...

This one wouldn't mind spring, right about now!

Hello sweet sun!

Sun and snow in a gorgeous combo. Hard to beat actually.

There they are: the birds...

There he is: the snow digger!

Snow being lit up by sun is one of the most beautiful things there are, I think.

Yes, honey - do bring on the spring, if you will. Please!!!

It's gorgeous being alive to see stuff like this!

Snow blowing off that roof - isn't it spectacular?!

Mother and dog. Relentless winter walkers!

And again, we're presented with an opportunity to see sunrises. That time of year is coming up.

Yes, that is another sign. Spring is a'lurkin'....!

And the days are getting longer. Almost with half an hour per week now!

The upcoming weekend I hope to finish The Boy's bedroom. I've been working on it for almost three weeks and now only the one black wall is left to paint. 
After that we'll also buy a wall sticker with Star Wars but that is the next step. First was sorting all his stuff, painting the walls and rearranging the furniture a bit. And that is the first goal: getting those things done!

Hopefully I'll get to show you some proof really soon. Until then, however, I wish you a splendid weekend. May it be everything you hoped and planned :-)

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