Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet weekend

Precious time spent with good friendsis heart warming. The saturday evening was spent with my childhood friend Jörgen and his sweet wife Malin and their children. It's interesting that because I moved away from the south part of the country (lived there and loved my life from I was eight 'til I was thirteen) and for ever after missed my class mates and friends I tried so much harder to reconnect when oportunities rose.
Hence I'm the only one from our old class that actively socialize with Jörgen, for example. Everyone in the class liked Jörgen but life moves on and so does people, on and away from old times.
I think I moved back to the "good old days" when I moved back to the south and so I want to spend time with the people I loved back then and never forgot. I enjoy spending time with this family and I'm very happy and cheerful whenever I do! Childhood friends are special.

Even better: our kids get along great! They played games and Nintendo and had their saturday candy together. The adult part of the company could practically go on about our business, talking, having wine and laughing. Updating. They announced they are in the middle of a house buying process - that's big news, exciting news!

The evening went on 'til 1 AM and the taxi ride home was so quick the boy managed to stay awake. That boy, he played Nintendo Wii over an hour passed midnight!

The visit to IKEAresulted in a bookshelf for Johannes and in curtains for him. He has a room that is, more or less, always messy. Not that I think that a nice looking shelf will change that! The boy loves spreading lego parts all over and dislikes tidying... Yesterday the happy event occured that his best friend called him to ask if he wanted to play. The boy went into a happy mode and started cleaning the lego from the living room. I went in there with him and started putting the new covers on the living room/dining room chairs. Together we kept busy in the living room, side by side.
Nice cleaning up, fixing, side by side with the boy! I promised him he'd have a top notch bedroom by the time his friend got here. So right now, writing this post, we're in the middle of this: I carry DVDs and Johannes plays Nintendo Wii. Go figure. I might just as well have a cop of coffee.

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