Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beaches a little north of Miami... (part 1)

Is there anything better than, coming down after a sleep-in, finding a son and a dog jumping hooraying, saluting my coming down? They both almost raced each other in order to get to me first and the son exclaimed:
-I looooove you
and kissed my lips!
The dog almost volted in the air in pure extatic frantic happiness. How blessed I am!
In my heart there was nothing but love and warmth.

Saturday was a beach day!

Nothing out of the ordinary, for some readers, if it wasn't for the fact that it is cold here.
So cold my fingers literally got numb taking the pics. The camera wouldn't obey the clicks my finger tried to make, after a while.
But I'm not complaining. It was beautiful and refilling of the soul. In the evening I felt as if I had had a day of vacation or that the weekend was longer than it was and I think the visit to the beaches had something to do with that.
Yes, I said beaches! I got the family to endulge me to two beach visits, despite the temperature!

Ice cold, is the word.

Weird looking ice clumps out in the ocean makes it look like Greenland or Antarctica!

Johannes thinks it is way too cold to step outside at all...

Funkie disagrees.

He enjoyed barking out into the chilly wind!

I get chills from the beauty aswell as from the cold.

When the sun paid us the compliment of a visit I could hardly believe my eyes.

Mommy's love.

Marcus and Funkie walks in order not to freeze stiff....

Note the wind capturing Funkie's ear!! Cute dog.

Johannes' mood improved and running was fun, aswell as climbing and jumping.

A favourite pic of all times: dad and dog running happily!

Noone was up for a picnic, I can assure you ;-)

The "bath path".

It was time to go into town for coffee and cake after the cold sejour att the beach.

The boy was happy to get inside and ordered two chocolate cookies!

After spending time at the beach and a whole lot of time being spent together the heart gets comfortable, warm and very loving. It feels more "open" and present.  I have long days during the work week, since we opted to buy a house in the town where our hearts were. So I travel 3-4 hours a day which means that the free time or "together time" is minimal monday through friday. 
But the weekends: wow!
We enjoy long breakfasts together, we visit favourite places, we hug and kiss and we plan and dream. We do all those things a lot and we really enjoy it to the fullest.

To me it's like this: I need the hectic full week days in order to love and enjoy the weekends. I need the cold winter in order to love the warm summer. That is one of the many wonderful things of living, aging and getting to know yourself: you befriend your own "you" and you know what you need to feel good.

This passed weekend hubby and I made huge plans for the future! Exciting!!
We live in an attached house and we really dream of a totally detached house with a bigger garden (when the boy is a little bit older, now we wouldn't have time to manage a big garden). As of this winter  we're at a place in life where we can start saving up money and now we decided we're going to start.
Buying a house is expensive in our country, due to the market and the high taxes, so we're going to save for quite some years but we're going to start and that in itself feels exhillirating. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Wonderful to be able to join your wonderful Blogg! Thank you! Hug Daddy.