Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The computer won't work with me today

The computer (the Mac) where I keep my photos, is acting up. I can't post what I had in mind, today.
I was going to start posting photos from the days I and my son had at home together.

I can post, however, the iPhone pic I got of an article of me in a local paper, where I work!
It is about the environmental focus we've had at the library where I work as a librarian in chief.

That'll have to be it for today then...

I wish all of you a wonderful week. Here the cold winds are back and it is absolutely freezing outside. I put the scarf on, try to find the mittens (without success) and search for a hat. The little one uses all his hats and other hardcore winter stuff and the dog is quite content with short walks...

Winter still has us in its grip, as you may hear! I know some of you have a warmer climate - enjoy that!


  1. Så roligt att få se en bild på dig. Det ser ut att vara ett trevligt reportage.

    Tusen tack för dina snälla ord på min blogg - du gjorde mig väldigt glad!

    Varma hälsningar,

  2. Tack för det! Ingen jante här, inte ;-)
    Ser fram emot att ta del av dina foton i Vakre Hjem. Du säger väl till?

    Trevlig helg!