Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beaches a little north of Miami... (part 2)

Looks like spring definately is hesitating...
Stubborn me had to dig those winter boots out again. I had put them away in enthusiasm of spring arriving a few weeks ago.
The temperature we're experiencing is unforgiving and ruthless. It's a good thing that our house is forever hot and inside we're never cold.
As you may have noticed our son is always dressed in boxer shorts/briefs and a t-shirt! He immediately rips all other clothes off as he gets home because of the heat of the house. I usually take my leggings off also or even better: get into my pj's that are both comfy and cool...

When we left the first beach, on saturday, to have coffee in town, the sun showed. I decided to visit one more beach in order to get some nice shots of our beautiful neighbourhood.

Pine tree.

Looks like it could be july, just aswell!

If it wasn't for the snow...

Tiny thin layers of ice on parts of the water.

Nature's art for sure.

Looks like summer!!

The boy finds it both cold and beautiful.


He actually feels the cold weather with his hand.

This day the cold wind left a burning sensation in the hands.

An icy ocean in the background and a grill in the foreground.

This summer I'll present you with photos from here again.

Always nice going to town during weekends. We've found that folks around these
parts really like visiting town for shopping and coffee on saturdays.

Need I tell you that this country gets more and more english speaking for each and every year?

The cutie pie poses!

Our town is very old and looks as if it was made for romance.
No wonder people from all around the world like to visit during summer.

This spring and summer hubby Marcus and I will enjoy our beautiful town, just like the tourists enjoy it!
I philosophize about how quickly the years pass by and how short life is. I want to stop it sometimes and save the moment. Don't you agree? All these days come and go...
I hope your week is going very well and that most of you have a little warmer temperatures than we have.
The evening paper promised a warmer weekend for us, so please keep your fingers crossed!

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