Friday, February 11, 2011

Top of the evening!

I sit here, now, in the early evening enjoying my life. I still have a cold but the day was calm and the hubby has been catering to me.

I sit on the pink couch, listening to the boy playing with lego while watching a Clone Wars movie. The dog is beneath the sofa and the husband and is being his sweet self making dinner in the kitchen. I can hear him and he whistles and sounds happy.

I feel very happy, anticipating a good friday evening in the calm of the home.
I feel almost eager to get the food on the table and sit down with two of the most loved ones!
Later I will read to the little one and he will want me to read "more"!

Earlier today when hubby served me coffee and a piece of cake,
the dog got a real taste for something sweet...

Right now, beside me:
the boy watches the movie with lego in the mouth. As always!!

I wish all of you a grand friday evening. I know I'll have a good evening, chilling and relaxing, hoping to get rid of the cold as soon as possible...

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