Monday, February 14, 2011

Hubby's birthday!

Today is my dear husband's birthday and I shouldn't have postponed buying a gift for him, since now I've been in bed for five days and I was gift-less.
I had the strength to serve a nice breakfast, with toast in shape of stars and I gave him the promise of a day in the city for shopping and eating, another day.
The boy made him wonderful drawings and even signed them with his name (such cute writings of that little hand, that my heart melted just seeing it).

It's a good feeling having a husband who's birthday is on Valentine's Day and he doesn't have to give me anything - it's all about him. Of course. He is truly the best.
I really picked the perfect guy for me: he's equal, he's calm, he's full of life and sure does enjoy living, he has lived through hard times (just like I have) so he knows to be thankful for days without hardships.

That's the contributing factor, I believe, in our love: that we found each other in the middle of equal horrible places in life and instantly recognized what the other one was going through and became the soft place to fall for each other.

So we both embrace life, refuse to see the bad things but focus on the positive things in life. We laugh a lot together, we dream a lot and we enjoy the son we have together and the fact that we did get to have a child together.
He stands by me and I know he's always there. He loves me a whole lot and I love him. Today he is 43 years old: congrats Hubby!

Some more pics from happy days:

Here Hubby is in the area of his parents' and the summer house we have 
access to there. Having coffee is a big thing for us - we love it and hubby doesn't mind getting it!

My husband. At vacation and in that very "time off mode".

Out driving in the car, the four of us. Having fun experiencing and being together.

Having just bought our first house, we take a look outside.

Father and son.

There he goes, bringing coffee again..!

Walking the dog in the woods.

At the evening of his PhD-party. Finally the thesis was done!!!

Having fun, with friends.

Baking sand cakes outside that first house. 
We'll always think back of that neighbourhood with love.

We LOVE picnic:ing!

You can never look too sharp, gardening...

The party animal.

The handy man.

The special agent, guarding his son...?!! *haha*

The boy loves sitting on daddy's shoulders.

I love seeing daddy securing the boy.

The BBQ whiz! 
Love that husband - 43 today!

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  1. Love the post - your pics are awesome. Great job. Be blessed :)