Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's getting lighter for longer...

The days do get a little bit longer for each passing day.

In december it was dark outside at 15:00 in the afternoon and now the light lasts 'til well passed 16:00. With the light comes new views - and realizations - as far as the house goes: the windows are un-clean (!), the floors are desperately in need of vacuuming and..... the floors need washing.... Has it been, can it be true that they haven't been washed in six months?!?
I really don't know.
They will be clean this evening, that's for sure!

This passed sunday I finally cut some nice looking hairs: the youngest son's hair and the dogs hair. I mean: fur!

Neither one of them particularly likes it but it has to be done. They get treats after...

Another weekend, hence, passed in the sign of resting and being together.
These days I can't get enough of it. I think it must have something to do with the oldest son not living at home, with us, any longer. I miss him so much my tummy aches. I wish so hard he'd live here, spread his smile and his laughter!
I can close my eyes and see his eyes, his thick brown, curly hair and his nose too. I know it all by heart and love it.

The "little" one keeps telling me, every day many times a day, how much he loves me, how adorable I am and how beautiful. It warms my heart a whole lot of degrees and keeps putting a smile on my face. He's an adorable one, too, that one.
He has got blue eyes, fair hair and a tiny cute little nose. He also laughs a lot. Bless their souls, I love them so.

The dog. 
Even he's got the cutest little face and nose. How fortunate I am :-)

One more blessing in my life.

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