Sunday, February 13, 2011

About the dive

It was a whole lot of fun, diving into the ocean of photos. I chose to pick favourites from 2008 and forward and needless to say I came down with a much too big pile when I was done, just now!
I now have 400 selected photos of pleasant times...

I can't frame 400 photos.
Well, I came up with the great idea to make a photobook of happy times, where I can use all these pics. I do have to make a much smaller selection for those frames however.
Right now I'm exhausted so it'll have to wait a little.

I'll see if I can present you with a tiny selection...

Now I'll have the good sense to stop and not present you with 400 pics...
Maybe I'll publish more another time?! As you may understand, it's hard to choose from so many, so cute and nice photos? But it is a fun job!

Have a wonderful sunday evening!

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