Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swoooosh - it's wednesday!

It goes by fast, indeed!
It is already wednesday. It has been a pretty calm work week for me,  since my work place has been closed for PCB-sanatory work and I and my co workers have had planning days, visits at interesting places and work from home, to do.
This means less travelling hours and a little more time to rest.

Unfortunately our camera has, once again, had the same kind of failure as it had in New York and it still drives me nuts!
We finally bought that long sought after table for the living room and it is now in place. The room took on, not only a totally new look, but also a brand new function.  We can't get enough of sitting there!

Here are some iPhone shots for you:

So worth waiting for! It's interesting how much you (always) appreciate something when you've really had to wait for it. Now the room feels balanced and "as it was supposed to".

Now the week moves on. Since it has been undescribebly draining at my work for quite a while I've done all that I can to decompress at any spare time that I have. Spending an entire sunday in bed watching movies/sleeping was a good move. Lighting a fire every evening watching old episodes of "Midsomer Murders" is also effective, I've come to notice.
During the weekends I make sure that spending time with loved ones is at the highest priority. Hence I see friends and my family (consisting of two sons, a hubby and a dog). I also see to it that we visit loved and beautiful places such as our coffee place (almost every saturday!), some other exceptionally good coffee places and favourite restaurants.
This upcoming weekend I've asked my husband if we can just take the car out for a ride. We've recently moved here so there are lots of places we've never seen! I love to just ride around discovering them, bit by bit.
Yeah, that's what we'll do!

Tomorrow I take my co workers with me to Denmark, that'll be a good workday :-)

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