Sunday, February 6, 2011

A saturday to enjoy

Today we went for "a ride", since that's what I had wished for days in advance!
We drove around, turning left here and right there and we had a blast! The son sat in the back with his portable DVD and some movies and he also enjoyed his saturday candy.

It was a saturday just as saturdays ought to be: fun, enjoyable and so relaxed. We even got to laugh, dream and hold hands!

We need weekends like these.

We discovered a new beach!

We found a wonderful restaurant we had never seen before:
fabulous food and nice staff. And the place was lovely.

Our son goofed around and acted kind of silly!!

My soup. I loved it.

Hubby's food.

Happy camper, with tasty food.

A very nice saturday.

We continued with wine at home in the sofa together, all four of us!

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