Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today the sweetest boy woke me up earlier than usual on weelkends: around 07:00 AM (hope I get the AM-PM right, it drives me nuts trying to!). I thought it was later, so after he snutted my hair I suggested we'd go downstairs to watch the Clone Wars movie he rented last evening. And we did and here I am!

Yesterday there was a tiny bit of more snowing but before that we had time to get some spring feeling. I am anticipating spring, I guess you could say? I hear the twirping of birds and can smell spring soil.

The boy hasn't been a total 100% well after the illness week, he has been a little whinier than usual.

He's as cute as can be when he offers kisses!

This is pretty much what it looks like now: The Boy watches a favourite on TV, he's snutting my hair and I juggle blogging with conversations with him. I'm a multi tasker for sure!

This little face is anticipating starting his first year in school, in august. He's nervous as well as excited.

This one always anticipates a walk and a kiss. Love from mom is a given. Mostly he anticipates a snack!

We can have the windows open! We're really hoping for - and looking for - spring bringing it on....

Melting snow. After a long very cold and extremely snowy winter, this is a welcome sight.

The blue sky help our outdoor furniture anticipate summer, with BBQs, strawberry cakes and coffee...!

The Boy is never still, almost. He's a very energized boy who loves playing and having fun.

Being silly is always fun. This boy is happy and has a good life. He knows nothing else!

There. He can sit still and look serious too.

Oh, how I love!

Popsicles are being LOVED.

In to a game. Really in to it.

The older brother, Alexander, is very much loved by his younger brother. Here Johannes talks to his brother and they'll talk about everything: pre school, games, food, toys, movies and the dog!

A good conversation and Johannes asks his brother to come for a visit soon, so they can play together. Alexander is now at a place in life where he anticipates. How happy that makes me! He anticipates having a lot of fun with friends, doing very well at his jobs (yes, he's got two!) and eventually applying to Police Academy. He anticipates putting the bad guys away and especially the bad guys who torment children and women, he can't stand the thought of them. 

Saturday with mom, dad, dog and popcorn! That is a way to spend a saturday.

Anticipation is a huge part of life. It is one thing that absolutely drives me. My biggest passions in life are my family, my work and my friends. At work I have the ambition to change the world, of course, otherwise I wouldn't do it. A story like the one Alexander offers inspires me a whole lot: being dealt horrible cards, in life, with much fear and many years of terror and turning those very cards into the "force" that guides you to do better and change the world (yes, he's wants to be in the world-changing business too!!), that is mind turning and big. It is humbling.  It seems I'm getting the courage to share my story, bit by bit, here in this blog and I thank Kelle for that inspiration! Kelle shares in her blog "Enjoying the small things" and she does it well.


  1. Adorable. I miss those young days. Your little puppy is too cute also. Thanks for the sweet post - blessings on your day. :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words!
    Would you believe that the puppy looking dog is actually eight years old?!!