Friday, February 11, 2011

Braving the outdoors barefoot...

Now, this might sound a little bit better than it actually was?!
I was brave (for sure: having a fever and still being up to no good) and I was barefoot in the outdoors.
It was not, however, the wild outdoors of any sort (other than it being wildly un-clean in the garden... there is that word again: un-clean...) it was simply our tiny garden.

I will have you know, right now, that this garden is tiny. I like to think of it as a typical New York garden, where there simply aren't room for large gardens... Our village is nothing like NY in any other way though.
I might also state, right this minute, that I like to think of our village as the Miami of our small country. Then it is the beaches and the "no work all play" mode of the summers, I think of. No comparisons in other ways of any sort.

Having said ALL that, I forgot what I was going to say....
I was brave enough and most of all totally happy to step outside for a few steps. Feel the yard by my bare feet. It has been so long.

Sorry for the white feet and the pj's but hey: i AM ill!

Spring! Welcome, you guys!!

Rays of sun (accompanied by the hideous "un-clean"....)

Blizzards, blizzards and storms - amazing these two are still standing!

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