Friday, February 18, 2011

"Life issues"...

So, we were home ill for a couple of days last week. While on the couch I eventually got bored and picked the camera up on some occasions.
The boy wasn't all too reluctant to be photographed, which isn't always the case, so I was inspired to continue!

It was good being able to capture The Boy in some photos, it was about time, he grows so fast.

Now we're back in business in every way and it is good having the illness period in our backs as a place of love and energy to go to, remembering both being on the same couch cuddling, hugging and laughing.
It was a "good cold" and it is good times now too, being back to work and to pre school.

My son.


The sun showed itself and it was divine.

The feet. They used to be small, now they're getting bigger...

Still cute, though.

So soft, watching a favourite TV show.

"Kent the Agent" is the show!

I think Kent the agent captured a crook, at this point.

Love the boy.

Lego building and lego playing, is big here!

Sound effects and all...

Cute, eh?!!

Mutual love, it is.


Funkie, the dog, is always afraid that the boy might fall over him.

As I can very well understand!!

Happy one!

Watching the boy I am always astounded, really I am! This boy is so loved, so longed for. Before having him and before meeting my husband, I never thought I'd have another child.
My oldest son will be 20 years old, march this year and since he was concieved in an abusive relationship I had promised myself never to have a child again, unless I was happy, married and in love.
Which I never thought would happen.
Meeting the love of my life - my husband - it still wasn't in the cards because of "life issues". 
Then one day we decided to "go for it" and try for a baby. We got pregnant pretty fast but it resulted in a miscarriage. The grief that followed was like a shock to me, it was a complex process and needed time to be healed.
Then I got pregnant again and by that time it was Johannes, in there! The joy and happiness when it seemed to go well. Now I'm often amazed seeing how he resembles me and my husband. It's fascinating seeing the man Iove, in my child's face. He has the dimples as my husband has and he has the same upper lip. I can see my eyebrows and I can see the energy, for sure, that I have and had when I was a child. I never walked - I ran! Johannes is the same way.

The boy is a miracle, as is his older brother. I can't imagine life without them and they're worth everything. I am so thankful they're both at a place in their lives where they're happy and safe.

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