Saturday, February 26, 2011

The glamorous side of life

There I go, I just ground the coffee beans and now the sweet scent of coffee in the making, is spreading in this saturday-morning-house.

I and my friends often feel we need more glamour. Life is often hectic, the weeks are flying. I commute, work hard and in between I try to keep the house OK by doing some laundry and filling the dishwasher...
Cosiness there is but glamour?
I confess that I enjoy some glamour in my commuting from time to time. How's that?, you might wonder - and it is actually a little funny and makes me feel like a royalty or a president - I have  a private chauffeur!
I kid you not, I have come to get one.
Here's the thing: when I work unusually long days or unusually late, especially when it's horribly cold, I call the local taxi company to order a cab to pick me up outside the train (the walk home is 25-30 minutes). Since it's a small town we live in it is always the same guy who shows up, greets me with a smile and opens the door for me! I almost wait for him to start calling me Maa'm and he sure doesn't have to ask "where to?", because he knows by heart.... *hihi*...

Back to glamour and the Friday! Hubby was promised a day for him, since I was ill and in bed at his birthday. We decided to have a full day together and started out with breakfast at a nearby coffee place...

At the coffee place, that is our conutry's answer to "Starbucks", we simply opted for tasty stuff and ordered exactly what we had a taste for. No concerns taken to any health ideas or anything like that. We even shared a mini cupcake, just because it was cute! We got to be adults, talk about anything and everything and we sure did get to enjoy each other's company, alone.
A very rare thing. A very good thing, it seems Marcus is a very nice guy!!

What a treat! What glamour to have time, spend time with the man of my dreams. The environment of this place even reminds you a little bit of NY and that can never go wrong.

My love, relaxing.
To me it was a perfect way to end a hectic week.The day before meant getting up 5:00 AM and coming home at 10:30 PM so I was in need of chilling. Big time.

This small cutie was cuter than it was tasty but it served well as a last bite before moving on with the free day.

We stopped by one of the cutest shops in town, where colours are as celebrated as they are in our home. Happy colours! I really think you feel even happier around colours like these.

"I'd love to test drive the new Citroën C4" hubby said.
Say no more!

He approved. It even had "paddles"!!

Yes, I was this happy. It felt like a date, all day. How fortunate I am to have such a nice husband!

Test driving was a whole lot of fun and the car was everything hubby had expected and more. The paddles, the gears, the interior well you name it, it had it, kind of... We swooshed by the beautiful beach road and had a blast.

Marcus never really wants to go to IKEA. This must be stated. Having said that: we had good fun there, yesterday. We went totally in to dream mode and almost got so spontaneous that we ordered a brand new kitchen, then and there! We calmed down a bit and then went on with the list I had created. Somehow walking out and paying, we realized it cost twice the sum I had calculated. Go figure! It might have something to with my getting that rattan chest I always wanted but never got. And those curtains that cost three times more than the ones we were going to get.... Hmm. We felt like happy hunters, walking to the car though since we found quite a few things we're really happy with.

Glam Time, Big Time!
I visited my hairstylist's new place for the first time and that was joyful. I sat down and was immediately offered "coffee or wine?". "Wine?". "Wine!".
-Wine, please.
You get the picture: after an intense week with long days, hard decisions and demanding tasks I get a day with hubby, I get to shop saught after things at IKEA (yes, I love IKEA) and then I top it off with wine, massage chair, spa-looking totally dark room with candles and a profoundly wonderful and genuine person that make me look good and is interesting, and inspiring, to talk to. Hard to top this day.

Yep, here she is: The Mom/The Librarian in Chief/The Wife/The Friend...
Feeling more than good about herself and about life.

Cantuccini and italian wine, my my!

Let me tell you: I think women are fantastic!
We're strong, loving, warm, multi tasking, thoughtful and caring and so much more. I think that women for many years have not been able to develop their full potential in all different areas of their lives. Or in some cases have not been rewarded enough for what they do or even been considered not to count on. I count on myself and on women and I think there is nothing that a woman can't do. I "made it through" and I know of many women who "made it through" and we need to support each other and each other's chioces - what's good for me might not be what's right for you.
My hair stylist is a remarkable woman! She's a few years younger than I am and her parents died when she was young, leaving her and her younger sisters. She took care of them all, worked her way up to a top position at a large hair dressing company and now jumped out into the unknown and started her own business, together with her best friend. They started a brand new concept of hair, fashion and interior decoration and they went for quality and looking to the whole woman, helping women find their unique style. Seeing my hair stylist always make me feel more like a woman and human being. I only see her four times a year so I cherish these visits.

I took the commute train home and when the darkness had sunk in the house I tried to capture the "glamorous me". It was a little too dark but I look kind of nice, I think?!!

Happy. It was a happy and carefree day.

What a friday! Loved this friday.

The saturday started with icy jogging with my sweet jogging companion Funkie. Tonight we're invited to good friends for dinner and before that we'll put the IKEA stuff together. Not a bad saturday either!
In my headphones now: "Miami" with my favourite Will Smith and together with that I got a little spring from Miami via "Enjoying the small things", since I love Miami I'd say I'm pretty high on life also, this weekend. have a great weekend all of you!


  1. Vilka underbara bilder Anna, så mycket glädje och kärlek!!<3

    En dag hoppas jag att jag hittar en sådan underbar man som du har! Ni är så vackra tillsammans!:)

    Kramar från Floda <3

  2. Men tack! :-) Gulle dig.
    Det är inte lätt att hitta en rätt man för en själv, med alla de knepigheter man har... Det gäller väl att våga vara öppen och ge och inte förvänta sig någon perfekt.
    Kanske, vad vet jag... Jag valde galet fel den första gången.