Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing time itself

Sometimes it's as if I can actually see time passing, it's that strong and obvious sometimes when you're a mother. This morning I sat by the kitchen table with my husband and our child, our son. The little one that was just recently a baby, was now a big boy. He will turn into a school boy this year in august and it is incredible.
Well, this morning I could see the moments and minutes passing by, I saw him looking older right before my face!
The boy - how I wish I could stop time. If so, only for a few months...

I have an older son, he will turn 20 years old in march, and he is a wonderful young man despite having lived through horrible hardships in his very young life. For many years. He made it through, stronger. He is one of those people and therefore he is both humble and charming, with his wit, sense of humour and good looks.
I am proud, very proud.
But sometimes I wish he could have had a carefree childhood like my youngest son has. I even find myself wishing I could turn back time, sometimes.

The experience with my oldest son made me, too, an expert at capturing the moments, since there weren't a whole lot of good ones back then. That's what I can be thankful for, when it comes to the hardships.
The older I get the more I realize that it's those moments that count: the ones when we're together, when we enjoy or laugh or just sit together with a cinnamon bun.

-Here's to life! Cheers!

The little one, being little.

The little one, being not quite so little.

The big one, graduating from high school!

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