Friday, February 25, 2011


Isn't the love of a child just grand?

I see his little hair curlying a little when he gets out of bed.
I see his little tiny nose and his profile with the little mouth.
His little tiny bottom that is so cute in those underwear.
I hear his small playing sounds where he tries to sound like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker and when he exclaims "roger roger".
I see him sitting with the legs pulled upp underneath him and it is all so very cute that my heart actually aches. Aches of love.

How you love your child, it is amazing and grand and totally wonderful.


Today hubby and I are off into the bigger city nearby!
Hubby will get his late birthday gift and we'll also get a few necessities from IKEA. We'll enjoy lunch together and I will end the outing with a visit to my hairdresser/stylist who has recently left her employer to start her own business with a brand new and fresh concept of fashion, furniture and hair. Exciting to see!
This means a day off from work and a day alone with my precious husband. I can't wait!

The little curly "fresh-out-of-bed-hair".

Pulling the legs up and sitting ever so cutly!

Playing on end...

Taking the breakfast toast on the couch, while playing. A good thing the couch cover is washable!

I know for sure that the boy will feel this fabulous love when he becomes a father one day. The pleasure of being parent is that you're the one who loves the absolute most.
Our youngest son is very loving, however, and has been telling us since he was four years old that "I'm filled with love" and that "my kisses are filled with love". He's so cute talking seriously about love. One funny thing he said when he, yet again, was declaring his love for me was this:
-Mommy, you're so beautiful that I almost throw up!
Isn't that just too cute?!!

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