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Summing 2010 up, finally

Better late than never... (sorry for weird looking post, blogger is ... weird...)
New Year’s was spent starting a brand new tradition: we finally got a “New Year’s gang”!
Some of our new best friends in the new house and area invited us over to meet some new and very nice friends of theirs.
January came with  a whole lot of snow and a wait for an answer…. An answer that turned out to be a “yes”!
I got word that a job I had hoped a lot for was mine and happiness was all around: we’re moving to the south where hubby’s work was about to move and I just got a job offer!

Our current, loved house.
Pine trees looking like palm trees...

The day after a grand and fun 40 year party at friends’ we went down south to look at houses for sale. There was a blizzard going on down south so many realtors didn’t want to show us their houses but we looked at the ones we could, took a look outside yet some and talked, talked, talked.

One house I fell in love with but hubby didn’t, a few were a little too expensive and others not quite what we wanted. One small little attached house had an “ocean glimpse”, small and manageable garden, was close enough to our only friends in the town and we both kind of liked it instantly.
We told the realtor that we were interested!
We got word a few days later: we got it. Such happiness!
It was, then, time to start thinking about selling our current home.

The home we bought is situated in a town that is our country’s answer to USA’s own Miami! My grandfather was born and raised in this town and my grandparents are buried here and my great grandparents are too.
During summertime this town is the place to be, in our country: tourists are being poured in here and skaters skate the boardwalk and the beaches are considered the best ones in the whole country.

I spent my five most important childhood years in the area, so to me this move that was about to happen, certainly felt like going home!
So, yes: happiness about that!

This is the month where the realization hits me: I’m about to, very soon, not live together with my oldest son any longer. I’m moving away from home, so to speak and when it hits me it is as if I cannot breathe. Every dog walk, at this period, is used for crying. I mourn the soon to be loss of him in my daily existence. The pain is indescribable.
I’m way too young to be ready to have such a grown up son living somewhere else. I just turned 39.
There is also some heartache this month for leaving our first house, that we bought just two years ago and love.

House hunting in a blizzard...

I got our picture taken, before parting for life.

March came with the notion that two totally separate friends told me I’m not the same. The parting from the son that was getting closer was really eating me up inside. I couldn’t picture it at all. He was about to graduate from high school and he was about to have a few years off, before applying to Police Academy. He had nowhere to live and no job. I can clearly see now in retrospect, that this was stressing me big time.
Those friends were definately right: that happy-go-lucky me was gone.

A few days later I declare in my blog that the acute hurt and sorrow has passed and a mourning feeling has taken over.
I begin to feel a little happy and can start, ever so slowly, to think about decorating the new home.
A few days later, again, I write that my smile is back!
We paint and fix the home in order to put it up for sale.

The realtor’s photographer was here in March.
My grandfather’s funeral took place this month and thanks to it, I got to visit my soon-to-be new hometown again.

April comes with the knowledge that my oldest son found a job! Thank you Mc Donald’s for taking on a handsome young man who will give it all on the job! I’m happy, happy, happy!
I also feel, this month, that things are coming together for sure: at work and at home. I need to get closure at work and I feel that I do.
It is definitely a time for “goodbyes”: I meet up with girlfriends on end. It’s really hectic to get to feeling I’ve said my goodbyes properly.
And so the time to leave the work place: my boss said so many nice things about me and I cried, for sure…
Among other things she said that I’m utterly fearless. She’s right of course – I am. I don’t mean to brag here but I decided some years ago never to let fear stop me and not once since then, did I let it. What I didn’t know or expect, funnily, is that it shows. It makes me glad though!

The house went for sale, I went to start working in a new city staying at a hotel that first work week.
And my life would never ever be the same again.
I cry just a little bit writing this.

Saying a whole lot of good byes...

We got access to our new house in May and I moved in. I had a guest bed, a tiny little TV and a chair and a café table. That’s it.
We sold the current house in May.
I lived in the south, husband lived with sons in the middle of the country.
I was visited by husband and son on weekends.
It was a hard time, actually, these months of not being together, at times it felt like we were growing apart. Scary and hard, much harder than we ever expected.

The little boy often states:
-I’m so totally full of love!
Oh, how I love him.
A farewell to friends!

And a hello to the friends down south!!

The son graduating.

I’m very busy at work, I’m preoccupied with the new task and I work almost around the clock – take the opportunity when I’m all alone anyhow. I and my husband and our “new” little family try to find our new roles and new life in the south, whenever they come for a visit.
All this “visiting” is taking its toll on us and we feel we need to be together for real.

From my train travels to work and all my lonely walks I collect photos of all the beautiful surroundings here. It’s breathtaking and wonderful.

My son found an apartment this month and the huge sigh of relief I made was probably heard nationwide: my son, what a hero! Getting a job and an apartment, all on his own merits, that is a great job!

Now all we need is togetherness. How we need to get back together. I long for them so much!
The new home town.

The real summer month comes with husband, son and dog: they’re finally moving in with me! There’s a journey getting back to a new normality and hubby has had a very hard time being left in the “old” life with packing all our stuff, making the sale, doing the move and cleaning the house.
Jogging, sun bathing, BBQ:ing and sitting with coffee in the garden lets us notice the exotic birds here, that were never seen at the old home: we could see eagles daily and the birds´ singing had a different sound.
We did quite some BBQ:ing and enjoying and it was a hot, sunny summer with many beach days and a happy son bathing and playing in the waves!
Our son got his first very own room and you don’t need a whole lot of fantasy to imagine the joy he felt over that! He also got to celebrate his fifth birthday in our new home.

July also came with a visit by my best friend Lee. Lee lives in Cornwall, UK, and this was his first visit ever in the south of our country. He also loved it!
I have a whole bunch of relatives who practically invade the area during summertime. This summer was our first in the area and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these relatives. It felt really good realizing that this is a treat we’ll enjoy every year.

In the end of july my oldest son came for a visit. My heart and love. There was nothing more that was needed.
The youngest son celebrated his birthday in the new home!
We discovered grapes in the garden!
Seeing loads of relatives.
This dear sweet relative, Ivo, I hadn't seen in many years.
Uncle Lee-love...!
Alexander coming for a visit.
We're dining at a favourite place, of course!

We all enjoyed my son Alexander’s visit and I was present in every moment. We were all sad to see Lee go back to the UK. We made plans to go visit him next year.
“Parting is such sweet sorrow” and all these wonderful visits meant equally many partings…

We went to a very cosy theme park with good friends and stayed away for three wonderful days. That was heaven and joy and love, all through and we had a magic time.

In august I think about the meaning of life, I see when I quickly ready through some notes. I conclude that enjoying the present must be the only meaning there is. Taking care of the ones we love, seeing them and feeling. I guess I’m on to something there?

August 2010 we celebrate 12 years together. That’s quite the achievement!

Our cute coastal summer town.

Being on a road trip with friends.

Finding beautiful places.
The friends.
Great friends.

Work, work, work and the little one starting a new pre school with flare!
The pace is really hectic and it sure is lucky that all the visits calm down a bit, cause we’re busy with the commuting and working.
We get to visit friends “back in the hold hometown” and have a very nice time.
Life in this period in our lives is very intense.

Late September finally meant The Journey of a lifetime: I went to New York with my oldest and very beloved son. We had 10 days together in the city that never sleeps and I so enjoyed it. I love him completely, utterly and never ever have I appreciated time, conversations and love to this extent before. I LIVED this journey and in my heart it lives forever.

I made a new friend who has a nice car..!
September offered nice afternoons.
New York with beloved son.

I got back from NY October 9:th. Getting back I decide to start a secret blog, since some followers in my previous blog I wasn’t quite comfortable with.
This “international” new and (semi)secret blog is born. I’m excited to blog again and decide to blog about life! What I love, what makes me tick, interior decorating, living and just being in this world. In my life.
It’s around this time we decide on making an effort to get a New England/Hampton take on the interior. When I decorate without thinking there’s a coastal casual feel to it, which I love, but we both also love the Hamptons’ look and we decide to go for it!
We need to feel like we’re in the USA, for sure, because one love we share is the one of this continent.
We’ll never finish this dream, of course, it goes on.
My parents visiting.

I still digest the NY trip, all of November (and still!) and make my hubby American pancakes and relive all the highlights over and over again.
My darling husband and I celebrate 10 years of marriage this month. We have a wonderful day.

I am a Christmas freak and November was just a road towards the blessed holiday! My son and I made gingerbread cookies and candy and we decorated the house and had a wonderful time, together with hubby and doggie.
In late November it starts snowing…

We're painting and putting up wall paper.
Kitchen and living room were on the to-do list.
10:th wedding anniversary.
Baking gingerbread cookies!
Enjoying candles and wintry meals.
Being in awe of the beauty of our home town.
Visiting and getting to know relatives nearby.
Snowing began...

December comes with what is sometimes known as “King Bore” in my country: SNOW. It started to snow in late November and it never ended. It kept snowing, snowing, snowing.
We couldn’t believe it and our area has always been known for never getting any snow! The streets were slippery, the hop mat filled, the lanterns buried and some mornings we couldn’t even get out of the house. On four or five occasions I had to skip going to work because of all the snow.
Crazy times!

We’re filled with warmth and love this winter and light candles, fires and sit together in the evenings with “glögg” (something quite similar to glühwine).  We had special times and we needed it.

We celebrate Christmas on December 24.
Alexander was scheduled to come before noon on December 23 but due to the severe snowing a trip that wouold take 5 hours took 11 hours and contained a stuck train, dead mobile phone and a hubby driving through huge piles of snow, in order to pick the young man up.
But we made it and if Christmas was ever a happy occasion – this was the happiest of them all!
I simply enjoyed, loved and captured every minute.
“Wonderful is short” is another saying we have and so it was: December 25 the son went back and I cried for days…! Well, I did.

December 29 I hit the big 4.0 update. Turning 40 was quite alright and I went to the best restaurant in town with hubby and little one and we really had a wonderful evening there with fabulous food.

New Year’s this year meant spending time with the New Year Gang again and it goes without saying: we had a good time! So, we ended the year as we started it – together with very good friends.

We sure had some ups and downs during the year that had passed and a whole lot happened. I’m quite sure year 2011 will be calmer and it needs to be. We now need to find our new lives here and get some balance, which I’m confident we will.

Cosiness like Midsomer or The Hamptons...
Our cosy Moomin home.
We made several batches of Christmas candy!
Snow kept falling, pouring down...
The annual pre school Lucia celebration. My son is The Gingerbread Man!
Merry Christmas!

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