Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daddy doesn't have the password...!

My youngest son is The Hair Snutter!
Ever since he was a few weeks old he has been snutting my hair. Fiercly when he was a baby and small child and not so harshly any longer. But he still snuts. When I read to him he snuts and when we watch movies side by side and when he sleeps between us in our bed.
Snutting has always been very serious business and along with the snutting comes a large love of hair. He loves my hair, of course, but he also loves his pre schools teacher's hair and other selected people's hair - if the hair is fair, curly or simply beautiful!

If the dog wouldn't mind so terribly I think the boy would love to snut his fur. But that day will never come, I can assure you...

The other day daddy decided to joke a little and told the boy that it was now daddy's turn to snut and the boy had to step aside! The boy was eloquent in his reply:
-You don't have the password to mom, you can't snut her hair! Only I have that password!!!!

Did I mention it before? I LOVE that boy!

"Snutting" going on in the sofa <3

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