Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I really noticed that it is light quite late, now ('til 17:45 PM). So, if spring is surely hesitating weatherwise the lighter evenings has their clear message: spring is on its way!

Stopping by some blogs I also realize that spring is the topic of the hour: loads of bloggers write about the anticipation of warmer climate. So have I.
For some reason it hit me today that it hasn't been more than 3-4 years that I have been one of those people who talk of seasons and long for summer. Up until year 2007 my highest priority was trying to keep my oldest son as happy as possible in a relation with a father that was trouble.
I never noticed whether it was spring or fall and had no time to think about what temperature it was or at what time it got dark.

I can still vividly remember the happy days, after my son managed to turn everything around, when I for the first time heard spring birds and felt spring-soil-scents outside.
I remember realizing that there had been many years passing by, during which many bigger things had constantly been on my must-do list, where I never was carefree enough to "smell the flowers".
The joy that day when I realized it!
So, now I fully enjoy seeing all those magnificent geese flying above me, making their distinct sounds. I enjoy the smaller birds twirping and the longer evenings. I feel longing for spring and I look forward to good things:
I'm not on hold any longer and I have the perspective and experience to appreciate it!

I love being able to notice and enjoy all those seemingly small things, I am thankful for it.

To the left my son, the young man, who lived through hard times for 16 years, to the right the mother who lived through hard times for 18 years and in the middle: my son, the boy, who knows no hard times at all. How we all appreciate and love each other. Like nothing else!


  1. You have a very, very beautiful family. I am so glad you have found happiness. It is the best thing in life to possess.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Yes, it certainly is the only important thing at all, in life!