Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diving into a sea of photos... (and foam)

While I'm still ill with the monstrous cold and hubby is being really sweet taking good care of me, I get a little bit bored... I've been playing with gadgets, postings and reading blogs on end.
I've also been buying apps.

I've decided to send away all the happiest photos I can find, of my loved ones, for developing. I'll then visit IKEA for frames and paint them in happy colours and find perfect places in the home to hang them!
Since I'm the sort that can't get an idea without getting wildly enthusiastic I really want to do it all now and at once but - alas - I'm not up to the task.
I'm actually headed for a foam bath, reading "Living ETC".
But afterwards....

Leaving you with the wish of a fab saturday evening! Here tonight, on TV, is the second saturday, in a row of five, where there's a music contest in order to find our country's contestant for the big euorpean contest that will be in may. I've seen this annual music competition all my life (it started in 1958 I think) and I'm excited as a child. As is my son, who also loves all the songs and both dances and sings to it.

So, we're charged here!!

Also leaving you with two PictureShow photos, fresh out of my iPhone:


  1. Hi, hope you get better soon. I like your blog as well, thanks for visiting my blog and "see" you soon. Enjoy the song contest tonight:)

  2. Thanks, today I'm finally back to work!
    Now I'll head for your blog again - it's lunch time here!!! ;-)