Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring storm

I suppose down here in the south (well compared to blogger of "Enjoying the small things" this is not the south, for sure - all is relative...) spring storms are as common as autumn ones?
The storm a few nights ago was no joke.

What are those lanterns and that spade doing in the hallway, you might wonder?! Well, in the middle of the night I went outside (in my undies) in order to save them and then forced hubby to save the boy's bicycle... They wouldn't have been there in the morning without these precautions.

Storms are always exciting and my poor husband always wanted to be in the eye of a storm, so now he has. He wasn't too keen in the middle of the night, however....

This is day two of being at home ill, son and mom. Fever, sore thorats and colds happened upon us and we're on the couch again. A big difference between me being a mom these days and earlier days is, among other things, that I treasure every moment of it to the fullest. Even the ill times and whining times. I know how fast times fly and I just listen to the beautiful little child voice and get all warm looking into those child eyes. Eyes of children are so special, so innocent and sweet.

I give you a hipstamatic pic and other iPhone pics, since my camera is out of order again. The second time since the NY-trip. Well, being thankful for the small...iPhone things hence!
You see the boy here enjoys the company (yeah: me!), the couch and a computer game of Harry Potter.
He keeps telling me he loves me and sings small "I love you" songs to me. Bless that son!

Then we joined forces in this game: "Mario Party 8" and boy were we good!

Today we'll camp on the sofa again and then the boy absolutely wants to go back to pre school and his friends there, tomorrow so if the fever doesn't come back, he's off the hook!
I, myself, will work from home tomorrow, reading the whole day. I will do something as fun as talk about books of love, monday: Valentine's Day! So I better read up...

Back to the lovely boy. I better se about making some breakfast, huh?!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment. Wow, blogging in two languages - you go girl. Be blessed :)

  2. Well... I won't be blogging in two languages - I'll only blog in yours!
    Everbody in my country are, practically, fluent in english so they'll just have to get used to it ;-)