Monday, March 19, 2012

Home, sweet home!

Friday sweetness
Every darn Friday I feel it in my total system: the heart, the brain, the chest and in those jumping legs: Home, sweet home!
My commute train slowly closes in on my cosy coastal town and all of a sudden the work week is gone and my private life is wide open and there for the taking.
I see the well known houses, the ocean, the beach and the marina. I hear the gulls and I feel the butterflies inside.

If I wasn't such a controlled individual (actually, ermmm I'm not but hey?!) I'd scream and shout and sing and dance on that very Friday afternoon train - 'cuz home is a fantastic place!

And when earth gravity sucks me back into this town, it is The Boy I long hard for.

The Boy - bless his enthusiastic soul - loves starting every day with these creatures!

A whole big bunch of faces that make entering my premises so lovable <3

This Friday I felt blessed, chosen and perfection in a sweet mix within me.
Maybe it was particularly strong since it's the second week in a row I work Sunday and I knew the Friday evening and Saturday were very special indeed?
Dunno - but do know I am loving it.

Loving my coastal little town and the scent of the ocean everywhere. The half timberds, the Shire-feeling, the known faces of the cab drivers, that always wait by the train and the familiar anticipation of knowing I'LL BE HOME SOON!!!!

Home to pick these silly friends up!

And get infected with their love of life.

Seeing him with his friends make me very happy indeed.

So, yes, weekend was short. Short and swell.
I am both knowingly and unknowingly, taking big inhales when off duty, to exhale some in the upcoming week. No exception this week.
Focusing so totally on something, as I do these days, is putting other stuff away - no one can focus on everything at the same time.
I have no idea what it is I un-focus on (guessing Facebook and friends....) but spring seems to close in on me even faster when I'm not here to cheer it on?

I managed to get the hubster outside, early Saturday morning.

Whoops, go figure!

Well, I know he doesn't think so... but it is a BIG deal!!

Good job baby!

Now that the stuff is gone, we need to start getting busy with the next step.

My boy boycotts the paparazzi and hides...

Seems like the dog is in agreement.

In spite of having only the Saturday off, we managed some jogging!

These one-day-weekends do not allow for me to get much photography done. You all know what needs to be done when the weekend finally shows?! Preferably you should have time and energy to socialize with loved ones too...

Hence these are the only pics I have for you and they are barely enough for the Monday post.
I take on the challenge - I will present you with a Wednesday and Friday post also - rest assured. I always deliver.

Some pink bubbles with the husband, while cooking.

Saturday, sweet Saturday, thank heaven for you.

Yes, our Saturday was in prime shape!

Isn't it fab? Spring is on the move!
One day I felt such a tender ray of sunlight on my face, I felt I needed to experience nothing else in life - than that very ray.

I'm hoping for moments of sunlight, like that one. I am wishing some of those for you.
Have a fantastic Monday dearies!

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  1. awww you both are adorable... I love how much you show that you love your hubby... He's a very lucky man indeed. always heartwarming photo's.
    I wish my fella would get out in our garden... Now THAT would be a sight for my eyes.
    Jenn. Xx