Friday, March 9, 2012

Life's good!

Hi there!
This is a belated Friday post and I'm happy to announce that some positive things have happened since my blue last update!
I managed my challenge with honors and I sure as h*ll made it to Friday!

Marcus has managed one of his new challenges but there quite some remain.
Enough said.

The (again) ill Boy and I out for the first moonwalk of the season.

I'll bet it shone in Miami too.

The Boy found it a wee bit scary and wanted to wait with next late night bike ride...

To me it was like another rite of passage to spring. I really can't wait.

I spent the day at home, caring for my ill boy. The hubs spent four days at home with him, 'cuz I couldn't manage time off from work, and now it was finally my turn! I baked him cookies - experimental ones - and he absolutely loved them! He said he never tasted anything like it. Bless his heart.
We watched movies and we had cinnamon buns together.
The day rocked, in plain english. I'll keep it in my heart forever - how I love that boy!

Playing with his friend after floor ball, last week, he got infected with a flu.

Now, be still my unnerving nerves... Snow?!!!

Friday Instagrams, only for you!

The blessed soul that sits in my husband's heart made us Mojitos that were awesome !!

Cutest there is, foh sho!

Before snow showed, I got into weeding some.
And, no, hubs was not so inclined...

I decided that if you can stand outside, barefoot, and brush your teeth, 
spring's here.

YEAH!!!! Starbucks finally opted to establish in our part of the world.
Welcome dearest!

My coastal town - I'm in love.

Snutting his beloved blanket.

Going to work, one particular day of some worry, 
life decided to lend me a beautiful helping hand.

The central station in the city where I work is wonderful. 
Most evenings it offers live music, fresh cooked food and happy folks.
I love it. I feel as if I take a ten minute vacation whenever I occupy myself in the vicinity.

March 8:th we had a huge women's celebration at work.
Hundreds of amazing, inspiring and beautiful women showed.

Going home, enjoying my music-of-choice.

Full moon walk home from the train. 
Fantasizing what it would be like watching that very moon in Miami...

This dude is lovable.

Yes, I was so right, Wednesday: all is well that ends well.

Well, you may think I'm a bit silly worrying and then exhaling, when it comes to my job issues. 
They are of the nature, however, that they scare me and I never know how the outcome will be. 
This time (again) I high five myself and I exhale as h*ll and I feel how I grow and how I'm proud of me.

Weekend's here.
I so hope y'all will have a totally fantastic weekend, with people you love.

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