Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday is back!

It's already Friday again and I'll be damned if I know how the universe is functioning?!
Yet again, I've lived a lifetime in a week and it ain't good - but it ain't bad either...

I roll with the punches again and it takes its toll.
I'll be just fine though, for I feel a weird calm, still heart beating inside this chest of mine!

Instagrams for you:

Apart from some weird, crazy work stuff - regular things have been going on too...

Like this ;-)

Isn't this face just adorable?

Cosiness is something my boy and I adore. Here cosiness is going on <3

This creature enjoys cosiness too.

A handsome young man, waiting for the glam-extravaganza...

Going for a walk first - the dog needs his too!

Preparing for the upcoming glam... feeling excited.

Glam,  I got :-)

Having a blast is a darn good thing!!

Yes, yes, yes!!

The dog wanted to try the red carpet out, as well.

Cheering for his favorite!

Inspired by this, we practiced our writing skills too.

And some hours later, glam-night was over, show was over and I was...tired.

A very happy boy woke up the next morning, thanking us for the fun!

We can now smell spring here - there's no question about it.
She's here!!!!

I so love my flat iron ;-D

You got that right: I'm still jumping around of joy for Starbucks
finally being in our country - and my work city :-D

There was Tuesday snuggle going on this week - of course - and 
I must say that all is well that pops well!

What a terrific morning in paradise.

... and what a magnificent evening we just had, yesterday <3

Thank God love is free of charge - 'cuz I can never get enough.

Another short weekend is coming up and I work Sunday. Saturday will be fun and interesting, since we're having The Boy's best friend over with his parents. They'll come for coffee, so I'll have to bake...
Keep your fingers crossed, please, that the cake will be eatable ;-)

Such a sweet ring to it!

Have a fab one!

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