Monday, March 5, 2012

It's a celebration!

The weekend was ....... wow!
I loved the weekend. It was long: Friday through Sunday and in this case that was exactly what the doctor ordered.
Spring happened to show up - like magic - on my Friday off and coincidently - all bets were off!!!
I let my hair down, kicked my shoes off and got real busy kicking back - in the back yard.

Let me spell it out: coffee, sunshine, crazy jumping, popsicles, many laughs out loud, music outside, deck chair and to top it all off BBQ!
'Cuz mama knows how to celebrate spring when she arrives!

H a p p y!!

Ladybug time.

They enjoy spring, just the same as we do.

My boy is captivated by them.

-Why are you screaming and jumping? The Boy asked.
-Honey, 'cuz it's SPRING! I replied.
The husband shook his head and let a small sigh pass through his throat. He knew. He knew the calmer times are over and the let's-get-outside times are upcoming. 
A garden that needs cleaning up, a fence that needs painting, windows that need cleaning, a deck that wants building and soooooo on. A playground that wants many a visit! Outside things like that.

How does one capture happiness in photos? It is art and it is a challenge.

Life returning
I don't know how it is with you but when this blessed spring finally came, after the autumn and winter and after the hardest half year, work wise, I've ever had, it felt like life found its way back. I felt spring inside my body and it darn near gave me wings and allowed for me to fly away!
All of a sudden I jumped at every chance to step outside again and how I've missed that!!
Now I take the ball and run with it. No turning back.

He could not, not pick one!

I could not, not jump of joy!

Victorious. I felt it!

Coffee outside - what a blessed first, for the season.

Kick back, enjoy the ride!

This is how you capture happiness in a photo!!

Trying for jumping-shots, with the timer...

One more individual that breathed in the spring.

Now it starts - soon all is a work of art.

Time for a real bike-walk!


Oh, what if life was always like this? I play with the notion sometimes. At the same time I could sense during all these days off lately, that there was something there, something lurking inside telling me it would be good to.... get back to work. There is something there that needs to be done (quite a lot) and I need to get going soon.
Yeah, this restless soul can't just be for all that long. 

And so my notion is granted: it's Monday and here we go again. I work six days this week and six days next week, so I'll be given plenty of opportunities to regret this train of thoughts.... ;-)

Happy Monday y'all, may the sun shine on you!

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