Monday, March 12, 2012

Magical start!

Magical start of the day
It's Sunday, writing this, and I woke up to a magical start with sunshine and warmth. It was that kind of soft and gentle warmth that fondles your face when you step outside.
I stepped outside immediately, of course, to experience it. Then I brought the dog out for a walk and we enjoyed the morning so very much together. After the recent visit of snow, we're even happier to see these rays, these gorgeous slivers come back.

Ill boy again. Marcus stayed home Monday-Thursday 
and I stayed home Friday.

Good thing he can think of things to do. He now is focusing on
details in the pictures he color.

Getting thrilled by the results!

He is in himself a soul remedy, just as his big brother is.

I enjoyed my ill-day at home with him.

It is not only I who recognize that spring is making a slow entrance. Again.

Making magic
I baked The Boy cookies that he felt was "like nothing he ever tasted" and we thought we had a piece of magic every time we ate them. To think there's magic in some coconut and raspberry jam!

Magical - maybe - is The Boy's favorite song also... A goofy, crazy guy singing these songs that stick like glue to your brain! He loves them and hubs and I, we sing them and whistle them even though we don't want to..! We roll like that, these days. We're alright here.

Magical touch!

The dog is smitten by the magic...

"Gimme, gimme, gimme..."

Getting better. Will go to school Monday.

To drop over dead for.

Waking up to this, an ordinary Sunday is to wake up in Nirvana.

"Come fly with me, com fly away" - a little fly made me so happy!!

Sunday breakfast with my boy.

I wish you a magical start of the week. I keep my fingers crossed that where ever you are in the world, sun finds you, joy of friends finds you and love finds you. I sincerely hope you'll manage to notice all the grandness around you.

It's funny with instagram, since I started doing that I look even closer to see the world around me. Sometimes I feel I ought to put a pic up and I start looking for something to shoot. I always find it - there's always something around me worth noticing.
Noticing the small things is noticing the world.

I keep my fingers crossed, also, that the week will come dazzle me. Happy Monday!

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  1. I so agree with you, instagram makes me look for beauty in my everyday life.I love seeing what you get up to there.