Friday, March 2, 2012

What a swag day!!

Another great day: check!
Life's kinda flowing right now: I'm still high on life after The Big Boy's visit, I only worked two days this week and I allowed myself to go (not ALL) in with some of my enthusiasm and cheerfulness at work. I got some good news at work and some long shots are heading towards goal! Enough with work talk already.

It's a fairly free Friday and I kick started it with breakfast in bed!
Yeah, if you tell what you dream of, it's a wee bit easier for a husband to deliver.

Good to know you can rely on rainbows, sunrises and shit...!

Good shit, like this ;-)

Awesome, even...

I've been dwelling some on how hard it is to get to know people in our small coastal town, lately.
I didn't despair but at times it wasn't far from it...
Of course my friends (all the ones that don't live here!) have tried cheering me up, pepping me to grasp the BBQ-season when it comes - and we will!

But/and yesterday I had an opportunity to travel to work, more than an hour, with The Boy's best friend's father and I felt some ice breaking...
Please keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted!

Yes, hello indeed, little bearers of spring. We adore ya'!

Just keep it coming, dear.

Yep, this is how we like to roll, over here!

Speaking of rolling over here, the shots below give a good idea how we roll 
- or fly rather - in these necks of the wood:

"Angry birds" is serious business.

An iPad on the way to the grave?

My son! I think he's a George Clooney in the making.

After working a full day of a crisis excersice, having a fever, I was 
all beat to sh*t....

My heart is as warm as the sun, in moments like these.

Various folks are cute....

.... and various folks are not ;-)

Yeah, we're basking in it lately!

My heart goes crazy from time to time...

He made his bed and he lay on it. 
No other way to rock 'n roll ;-D

He's into bed making...

This instantly became a favorite photo.

My boys' shoes!

The fancy/crazy four.

Last supper....

The hurt when he had left.

The Boy loves his best friend's dog!

"Does she have to take my pic all the god damn time?"

Yihaa, spring's here!!

Spring time foh sho!!!!!!!!!
And we allow ourselves to go totally crazy.

Happy, happy, happy Friday!

Can you believe it?!!

Today spring made such an entrance here, we're all just in awe!
Sun shone as if she wanted to show off, the flies, the birds, the ladybugs, the kids, the dogs and all the folks smiled, laughed and got obviously affected by the temperature and the mood.
I felt a certain swag and just got into jumping all around.
Over and over again.....

I'm extatic - as happy as only I can get. I'm in heaven, I feel alive and indescribably happy. It feels as though a long and very tough winter (and mood) has gone, in a wink of an eye lash!!

Be prepared old coastal town, 'cuz I'm acomin'....!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I can feel your excitement all the way in the U.S.!