Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter's over - so's the visit...

Knock on wood...
But I'd say winter's over (hoping not be be proven wrong!)...
The last winter month is definitely over tomorrow and we greet the month of March, with open arms. It's warmer for each day here and today the birds were twirping their little throats out - and we even started to eat our dinner while it was still light outside. What a first, eh?!

We need this, 'cuz the firstborn has returned back to his hometown and everything all of a sudden seems a little grayer, a little quieter and a little more boring. Not to mention a littler more sad.
You see, The Boy and I bloom when The Big Boy is here and when the blooming's over - when he leaves - there is something inside that withers and dies.
I don't mean to put a damper on this splendid moment in time, but there it is.

Hey, what can I say? I LOVE!

There's nothing I wouldn't do.

We're active, we're playing tricks, we joke and we laugh. Why does it have to end?
Why, I ask you!!!

We're alike, my firstborn and I. I don't know why it always comes as a surprise to me but it does. I mean, it's not as if some stranger walked in from the street, I brought this boy up, pretty much by myself.
When everyone in the household dislikes a song that I play, except the two of us, I strikes me: he's my little boy and he's just like me, in many ways! We're both kind of intense and go all in, in life, we're very social and quite the social butterflies even. We seem to have a way, about us, of celebrating the moments we're in. I particularly noticed that this time when he came here with his girlfriend, since I got to step back at times, and watch.
My firstborn resembles me a lot and it makes my heart warm.

Just like I have, the dog has missed The Big Boy and we're all
trying our damndest to get to spend time with him...

There's one thing we ALL like: playing Nintendo Wii.

The Boy aims for his mama with the camera.

No description needed here - it's all in the eyes of the mother, I think.

A moment in time.

We managed to squeeze a whole lot in, when they were here:

- we went for coffee at the favorite place
- we got to take them with us to The Boy's floor ball practice
- we ate all The Big Boy's favorite dishes
- I baked some of The Big Boy's favorite cakes
- we watched the music competition together
- we played a board game 
- we played Nintendo Wii several times
- we went for a walk with the dog together
- The Big Boy and his girl went with The Boy to school and that was a huge success and all kids went nuts over the new playing teachers!!!
- we talked a little (not that much - you can't squeeze a universe in five days!)
- we hugged and got to tell each other we love. Love so much.

We're excited about The Girlfriend - she's just wonderful!

Bless her soul - she really likes both my boys! How lucky am I?

Of course I'm proud. I'm so proud I feel like glueing a sticker on them that says: we're mama's kids...

The crying
The crying is inevitable. After having had so much fun it would be something wrong with us if we didn't cry when it ended. If we weren't to cry when it ended we probably wouldn't appreciate it as much next time, and next and next.
Life is like that.
It will burn your heart to a tiny black speck, with sorrow, and the very same heart will dance, sing and laugh next time again.

I love life and I specially love loving.

Have a totally awesome Wednesday evening!

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  1. Aww don't cry... Smile because it happened !
    Lovely family shots as always... Does your eldest son read your blog? He should ... It's heartwarmingly lovely.
    Jennie. Xx