Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday of sun!!

It'll have to be a Friday quicky again!
Go figure. But when life's a rainbow leading to today - what can be expected, eh?!

Me and my boy <3

The eager photographer, always ready!

Yes, I've got a thing for Blackbirds...

I, too, have a sense about snow.

I happen to love it!

... seems like the Blackbirds dig it too!

I'm braving it!!!

The week was intense and it was also fun and interesting. I had a work week that wasn't too hard, wasn't scary or too uncomfortable. Wednesday I went to a full day course with other leaders, from other kinds of organizations and I had a really good day. I found me some new lunch dates too...!

The Boy finally shook the fever and went back to school, and even got to go on a play date today.
All is well, in a week, that ends well ;-)

The best unicorn of them all! I never felt such love from.... anyone.

Mysterious and interesting lights passed by this week. Rainbows, of sorts.

And the ever mysterious sun graced us with its magnificent presence.

And snow started melting in pure awe.

Snow and sun: what a treat!

Minus the snow, this sun is almost Miami material...

Casting gorgeous shadows.

How 'bout them birds?

And them leaves?!

Life is just so darn beautiful, when one thinks about it.

Well, my little unicorn was uninterested in casting photo worthy shadows, 
and more into jumping in to the pics...!

I especially like the glimmering.

To die for.

Best be shaking the snow OFF!

There is no scent that snow can totally disguise.

And there is no challenge to big...

... and no nose too warm...

Realizing I have way too many photos from this passed week, I keep some of them for Monday's post. I don't wanna bore you with 'em here.

Weekend's here AGAIN.

Have a fantastic weekend!

I think we all ought to capture winter when it's here, so we're more than ready to welcome spring when the time comes. Have a good one!

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  1. Ohh lovely... your snowy photos are so great! You still have snow then... ours has gone.
    I have started taking more care of my wild birds in my back garden... there are blackbirds, Bluetits, Robins, Wrens.... i feed tthem mealworms. i cant get any decent photographs of them though.. :-(
    Have a relaxing Sunday and thankyou for the good luck wishes and comments on my blog. xx