Friday, February 24, 2012


This is perfect.
My firstborn is here, with his sweetheart, and bam: I'm in paradise.

To me, perfection is seeing both my boys at the same time and then adding husband and dog is a total bonus!
Ever since the firstborn and his girlfriend entered through our front door I've been dancing around with a gigantic smile, a humming tone and laughter on end...
There's no mistaking that I'm in heaven. A stranger off the street would see it. Heck, a blind would sense it in the air!
Happy happy me!

The Monday meant movie time for me and hubs! We were kid-free for the first time in the south...

There was time for a really quick dinner at a café before the movie.

With some luxurious water for drinks...!

We were full of anticipation....

... after the movie (during which we hugged and held hands and enjoyed immensely) we...
.... quarrelled all the way home :-o Friends say that is gonna happen when you finally get time alone?
(any thoughts on that?)

So: of course not everything is perfect or ever can be. A refreshing quarrel can be errrrm, tiring, depressing and a little refreshing. I got it all out, at least, and something tells me so did hubs.
I have a bunch of friends who recognized this phenomenon that when you've looked forward to time alone together and rarely have it, it can easily go a little wrong.

There will be new chances, however, and we sure did manage to get passed it!

Friday Instagrams for you:

A weekend has arrived.

A Saturday <3

You'll find a happy go lucky me, mostly, come weekend.

The Boy took ill.

Very ill, with a high fever.

The Dog watching out for the ill boy.

Enjoyed a rare drive to work with Marcus.

There's apparently no limit to the beauty around here.

Walking around in the city where I work.

A stone in memory of all those women, burned as witches 500 years ago, on this spot.

My bathing partner!

Getting "comfy"...?!

Digging music...

Floor ball still the best!

Hello, my friend the sun!!

Yeah, the movie theatre...

The big Semle-Day took place February 21:st.

Home, sweet home!

Finally time for Funkie to be NY-chic...!!! (I found his jacket at long last)

I was in a bath and Funkie refused to eat unless he could eat in there...

And this lad cracks me up so often!

Counting my blessings
If quarrels are un-perfect, seeing The Boys are perfect. 
Every day my longing for the evening, is perfect and then the evening in itself is perfect. Getting fab kisses from my dog is perfect and reading to my boy is too.
Counting my blessings has finally become a way of life and it took less than a year getting into it. I notice myself counting every day, noticing all day through.

Funkie also counted his blessings this week, when he got to be with the male dog pack, at dog daycare. Earlier he has always been rolling with the female pack, so this was brand new! Good times.

This upcoming week with the firstborn, there will be more blessings than I can count. THAT I count on!

Weekend's here, y'all. Please enjoy!

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