Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday quicky!!

Welcome sweet treasured and precious Friday!
I'm incredibly tired, just like last week, and can't even believe I'm still awake at this hour (7:45 PM) :-)

Instagram time!

Going home by car, driven by a loved husband.


Saturday jogging in fourteen degrees Celsius below...

With the dog, who's actually the man!

Seeing ice passing by.

Yeah, winter's got it going on!!

After Sled!

How sweet After Sledding is...

The togetherness.


Watching The Huge Music Contest.

It is a serious competition that will draw tears, when going the wrong way...

Ever since having this drink on the 48:th floor, with my son, in NY - 
this is my favorite drink!

And as long as there's snow and ice - there will be fire!!!


A winter must: hot chocolate with whipped cream.

One luxurious day, after work, I got to fika with this bloke, 
while hubs saw the hair dresser.

Fruit smoothie is da shit!

Ice ice, baby!

We're all in. In snow.

Many a bright and early morning this passed week...

And many a snowy day!

So much snow, you can barely see...

And then you can't see at all.

A lovely AW with a great colleague - heaven!



At school.

That extraordinary view from the train! How 'bout it?!!

Friday evening reveals itself.

Giving good promise that if I give in to the town and the weekend,
it will take good care of me. 

I'm game. I'm all in. I'm eager. I'm ready.

I see that loads of Facebook friends updated that they have newly cleaned houses, tulips and wine.
I have wine. I have all I need.
I now surrender to the magic of Friday evening.
I see a date with hubs coming...!

Have a truly wonderful weekend all of ya!

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