Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Right in the middle of life

Where are you, right this instant?
I'm in the middle of my life - and life is goooooood!

The photos in post shows it, I think.
Life - right here and now.

Hubs turned 44 on Valentine's Day and I'm 41 - in the middle of the adventure.

Heart cookies, baked for hubs.

Didn't turn out perfect - but then again, my baking rarely does...

Reasons to celebrate
The best and only reason to celebrate b-days, I think, is to honor the fact that we got to add yet another year to life. That we got to wake up 365 more days and got to see at least 70 more gorgeous sun rises and sunsets.
That we got to eat 365 more dinners, together with loved ones.

Well, The Boy was ill with a fever, so I made a quick and simple tray for the 44 year old.

The perky wife, eager to get up early - before work - to celebrate..!

In the evening, these joined the celebration. Semlor - seasonal goodies in this country!

It's still cold out there. The Boy's cheek need this before school.

Here it is: proof of magic shows!

My lovely magician.

I could easily be entertained forever, with this.

And after this trick, the dog got stamped on and show was over...

Recouperating after the stamp-upon.

Yeah yeah, I know it may be getting old but here goes:
spring is on its way!

The very essence of life. Right in the middle of.

This is where a Saturday becomes pure love.

And how I love!

The dog is busy body watching tasty things...

Flying high to get it!
(yeah, this is how we fly over here!!)

 Our Sunday Special.

Blowing pits with his little nose.

Sight for sore eyes: hubs sorting a huge pile of laundry!

Writing this it's Tuesday evening and here I sit: popcorn next to me, The Boy next to me - Tuesday snuggle in progress. Hubs is on the other couch and the dog just fetched his favorite blanket.

This is blessed Tuesday Snuggle in its prime and it is a highlight of my week.
Soon The Boy and I will go to bed and get a much needed long night's sleep.

Now it's Wednesday and what a Wednesday it'll be - one of looking forward to grandness Thursday....
Tell you more Friday!

Have yourself a grand middle-of-the-week-day!

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