Monday, February 13, 2012

Date night report

Date night is a wonderful idea!
For those of you who don't know why there's this new concept here "date night", I can say that my getting up around 5 AM and arriving home around 7 PM most of the days, means that week days there is little time to talk to the husband.

There's also this little fact: I love enjoying the good things in life! Things like red wine or Mojito, some peanuts or dark chocolate, a fire, candles, music. And my husband!

There's just so much to enjoy and so little time...

I enjoy enjoying!

Celebrating the fact that the weekend's here is a brilliant thing.


Friday came with an ample opportunity to date. We turned the TV off, hubs made us Capirinhas, we put some chili nuts on the table and put music on and we talked so much. 
I realized I had so many things on my chest that I never have time to mention during the week and I let it all out, baby!
We score a goal: it felt like a fancy hotel lobby and it felt like a date. We both thought it was a spectacular way to start the weekend.

The sweetness of my boy playing and the Friday being calm.

Funkie has become more at ease around The Boy these days. To our delight.

We cook soups during weekends: two different soups usually, that make healthy and tasty lunches.

And so.... spring birds and spring-longing-bird (me) had to give in for a little while...

The moon makes me feel safe. Maybe 'cuz I'm mostly at home when it makes a show?

Living in winter wonderland
The cheers were premature, spring isn't exactly around the corner but I do believe winter is holding its last breath and when it's done - then...!
The Boy went to a friend's house Friday and they had a real sled-date where they had a blast in the slopes! Good thing 'cuz Saturday The Boy seemed weird.
He didn't want to sled and he didn't want to buy his Saturday candy. He didn't like his vanilla bun when we went for coffee and I had a hunch something was off.

It was - The Boy was taking ill.
Allowing for him and I to stay in the living room most of the weekend. And there we watched the snowy weather make a hell of an entrance!

No, no jogging this day!

Gorgeous but kinda cold...

Not so inviting.

Winter giving spring a run for its money!

Funkie is displeased with this snowing...

Yet another Saturday breakfast in life.

Where my loving heart won't be still for anything.

Heck, it's the meaning of life!!


Loving a raspberry toast!

Looking at this photo now I see he's not well.

But he did manage the jam, as that photo also shows!

Monday comes with spending a day at home with my ill boy, wouldn't have it any other way.
I wish everyone a fab week, a week of beautiful weather come snow or heat!

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  1. I love date nights, and I am not a fan of winter either. I can't wait for spring and sunshine!