Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunset (and hope) springs eternal!

What a wonderful world
It is truly a wonderful world, a wonderful life.
Writing this it is Sunday and I am in the weekend that I was excited about a few days ago. It is right here, right now and I am enjoying it to the fullest!

The being in the world is so intense when I give it my fullest attention, as I do now: talking to my boy, having coffee with my husband, getting grand kisses from my dog. Music in the background, Youtubing together, every now and then, showing The Boy my old favorites, laughing and hugging - THIS is exactly where it's at. My life.

I have everything I need and want (not right here but right now at least).
The times I get to feel that very emotion, I feel as if I have the meaning of life within my reach - it is as if I almost grab it and then it escapes...
I am close, though.


Yeah, I did it!
I had been wanting, for quite some time, to capture the gorgeous and fantastic sunset, that I get a glimpse of sometimes when I go home early. I then see it from the train and always think "darn it, I missed out on THAT again"...
For the upcoming weekend I had a secret mission: getting to capture the sunset! I aimed for Saturday and when I aim for something, my aim usually delivers!

So brace yourself and be prepared, here's some of the world's beautiful wonders captured by me:
(no, I couldn't choose, as usual, so I offer quite some photos...!)

As much as I hate repeating myself, it can endure being said again: what if I could be a bird, eh?!

It seems like they have an enchanting moment.

I, for one, loved the moment!

The colors a sunset brings!!

Seeing the photos (beside the warm fire, inside our house) I have no problem pretending this is Miami, right there! Being outside in "The Russian freeze" (what the papers call it), is another story...

And in this pic it's obvious: this is not Miami, not even close!

No matter where this is, it is pinch-arm-beautiful!!!

Looks like someone's feeling kinda victorious, for getting dream shots...

To die for-shots!

It is so breathtaking, I can't believe this is the town that I call home. In the middle of town!

I need absolutely nothing else, nothing else to feel fulfilled. This is soul remedy.

Filling the heart and soul up with beauty and focus is a splendid way to rest and let your hair down. Sitting here Sunday, I feel as if I have been on a vacation and I guess this awe:ing has something to do with it?
Yes, we did more fun things this weekend, that contributed, but we didn't leave town and Sunday I didn't even leave the house! Blessed Sunday of chill....
Listening to yourself is so important, when it comes to life perspectives.
Right now in my life I need weekends that make me feel as if I took a mini vacation - so be it then!

A Sunday as still as this ocean was Saturday. Thank you, sweet weekend!

Repeating myself again - well worth it though - "awe is a darn good thing"!

The marina had things under control, everything was cool.

And boats left in, stayed in...

And as the setting sun left the wonder of magic in my soul and called it a day...

... the moon took on the challenge of guarding our beautiful town during the the night.

Coming to think of it: this photo shoot is one off my every-day-bucket-list for sure!!!

With that I leave you in the good and fresh hands of the brand new week!
What might the week hold?
I really wish you a good one and keep my fingers crossed that you will all be embraced by sweetness and care. 

I hope I will too. Happy Monday!

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