Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Magic Monday!

My Boy is totally into doing magic tricks, these days. He says it's "totally magic" and shows us trick after trick! He gets really creative in the process and makes up new tricks as he goes along.

Sometimes The Boy gets so into his tricks that he walks around, putting on quite the show, stepping on the dog by accident and then the magical show is over, 'cuz honey, does the dog NOT like that trick...!

Now, how can a Monday be magic, I ask you?
Apart from the delight of having magic tricks performed, there's a other end of the rainbow for me and The Hubster this evening. I say no more right now!

Magical, beautiful - no word does it justice. A bird. Wild and free.

Contrasts. Intense blue sky and white snow. 

The innocent little kind and poor dog....?!

Loving his mommy like his life depends upon it.

Perfection in a day.

A lifetime in a day?
If we could fit all the meaningful dealings in a day, what would it contain?

I'm willing to bet that all the things on my bucket-list would be rejected and the day would be filled with the every-day-bucket-list things that I have (as a mini bucket of sorts) and isn't that actually a little weird? 

The really-really big, huge, important things in life are fitted in the every-day bucket whereas the not-so-important things are the ones that rank all the way up there as the so-saught-after?
It's natural, of course, that trips to far away places rank up there and that coffee in the kitchen with a husband is every-day bucket.

But there it is.
Had I one day to fit the big ones in, I would have coffee with husband, dog and two sons. All day.
That's a lifetime in a day.
Today I fit a son, a dog and a husband in a day, in a weekend, and all that's missing is my firstborn. 
There's no question that I have it all.
Makes me happy that I'm aware of it!

Don't I know it?! Sun worthy of Miami!

Getting into a 100% playful mode.

Yes, The Boy was ill and it's rare seeing him like this. Good thing it has passed.

In this fella's little life every day is the perfect day to play.

And to be indescribably cute. For sure.

Yeah: be still my dog-loving heart!!

Those soccer cards.

Big business.

Easy times.

(always a perfect time to beg, too...)

Yeah, be still, be still my heart. My over all pounding heart.

Daddy playing the fool, pretending to snuck The Boy's Saturday candy away...

Oh, it'll be a good Monday, this! 
All day I will look forward to some fun with the hubs and all day The Boy will look forward to some fun with his friend. Unbeatable.

I wish y'all a spectacular week. I'm hoping that maybe maybe I'll have some extra good treats awaiting me this week. But I still don't really know...

Take care out there!

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